Monday, December 6, 2010

palm springs skate comp and best trick photos

here are the photos we got from the palm springs skateboard competition over the weekend. big thanks to austyn moreno ( for taking all of them!

we also want to thank everyone that helped organize the event and the reps for coming out and supplying all the prizes! cant wait to do another one!

in true epidemic fashion, i forgot to write down any of the winners names or the places they finished in. sorry guys.

sarah from the coachella valley art scene holding down the custom sticker booth.

the gooch on the drool

10 and under finalist

mondo lerma's dad drove him and his brother all the way from az to shred!

youngest competitor of the day... 4 years old! hesh out da box.

race's dad flew him out from vegas to skate in the comp! balllla.

11-13 finalist

lerma brother #2

13 years old and doing k/f back lips?!

alf alpha holding it down!

our element rep bryan can skate.

jordan from volcom was making custom epidemic/volcom hats. for reals.

we've got some support from the brands!


so much free stuff.

this guy lost a couple teeth. but was stoked to get some free shoes and decks.

edward killed it as usual.


the epidemic team was there.

advanced sponsored finalists.

fos was there.

best trick about to go down!

alan watching john gomez tear the 9 stair up!

mikee brown (16 years old) 360flip over the hubba the hard way. $250 from garret hill!

everyone was hyped!

some dad was so stoked on the event he threw in an extra $100 for second place!

free shit!

seriously, thanks so much!