Tuesday, November 30, 2010

skate comp heat info

here is the latest news on times for the skate competition. there will be practice in between each heat as well. if you haven't already registered try and get there at 10am so we can get you on the list. also, if you are already registered try and show up early still so you can pick up your number for the comp. don't wait until the last minute... come early and watch everyone skate!

10am-noon: registration
noon: girl heat
1pm: 10 and under heats start
2pm: 11-13 heats start
3pm: 14-16 heats start
4pm: 17 and up heats start
5pm: advanced sponsored heat (only one heat)
6pm: BEST TRICK ($250 cash prize. every age group at once)
9pm: park closes

we will have waters for 75 cents and hot dogs for a dollar so bring a few bucks in case you get hungry. if you have any questions please email us at epidemicskateshop@yahoo.com, call us at (760) 770-4177 or hit us up on facebook.