Saturday, March 20, 2010


Behold... and interview with our Volcom Rep., Jordan Mead. Enjoy!

-What brands do you represent and in what territory?
Volcom for San Diego and Arizona. Electric sunglasses for San Diego.

-Whats your background in the skateboard industry? How did you get started?
It all started in 1987 when I got a Billy Ruff “clown puppet” G&S set up. I was 5 years old at the time. My dad built a mini ramp at our house and skated that thing sun up to sun down. Fast forward to 1997 when I worked at a skate shop by my parents house in La Mesa, CA all through high school. Was used and abused there on and off for about 5 years. After vowing not to work retail again I found myself working for another year at a skate/surf shop right out of college. That’s where the infamous Lenny F. Jones III scooped me up and made me his sub-rep for Volcom. He handed the reigns over to me 8 months ago and the rest is history.

-Whats a typical day in the life for a rep on the road?
Mornings are spent answering emails and preparing for the day. If I am in the middle of showing a season I’ll have 2 appointments at my showroom a day. If I am not showing a season I am on the road making sure shops have what they need and our product is looking on point.

-Where do you draw your inspiration from for all your amazing Halloween costumes?
Anything awkward or that features a lot of spandex and neon.

-What are the benefits (if any) for being mistaken for a Survivor contestant?
If you are referring to me looking like Tyson Apostol I must say that you are the only person that has said that. So I guess the benefit of you thinking I look like him is that I get to stay at your house when I am in town.

-McCain or Obama?
They both have their Pro’s and Con’s

-What would you do if Sarah Palin was voted the next president?
Dress like her for Halloween....duh

-What are your views on the current state of the economy (especially in the skateboard industry)?
The economy was obviously in a scary place for a little bit. I felt like I had turned into a business/life coach for a lot of my accounts. It has forced everyone from company owners to shop owners to reevaluate how they do business. Long gone are the days ordering whatever and knowing it will eventually disappear. Margins, turn and inventory levels are being looked at a lot closer then they have in the past. In my eyes everyone in the industry just took a crash course in business 101. If a shop survived the recession (RIP those that didn’t) they are going to come out of it stronger and more focused. The skateboard industry needs to realize that business is a partnership between retailer and the brands, not a one sided relationship. A shop/brand can’t ask for the world and expect not to do anything in return.

-Why did it take you and Lenny 8 years to open Epidemic as a Volcom dealer?!
Ha! I’ll leave that one up to Lenny since he was the boss man at the time

-Whets are the best and worst parts about being a rep?
Best part is putting 30,000+ miles a year on my car when I have new music. The worst part is putting 30,000+ miles per year on my car when I am sick of all my music.

-Why should kids be hyped on Epidemic?
Why wouldn’t kids be hyped on Epidemic?! You guys give back to the skate community more than any shop I can think of off the top of my head. Plus who wouldn’t want to come in a hangout with Georgie and Beta at the shop?